From recipe to retail

Getting your new product to market fast

1. Developing your product

 Whether it’s post-workout shakes, beauty gels or dairy-free drinks, we’ll work with you to develop the highest-functioning product for your needs. During our detailed recipe development, testing, and refinement, we’ll ensure we get the most out of the raw ingredients and achieve your objectives. We’ll also examine the different packaging options available and manage the entire process for you.

Developing your new gel product

2. Producing your product

Once you’re happy with the tests and samples, we’ll progress to full production in our purpose-built, UK-based, BRC grade A processing plant. Our production line offers UHT, steam injection cooking and direct plate cooling, assuring production is hygienic, quick and efficient, extracting the best nutritional value from the contents.

Producing your new gel product

3. Delivering your product

We’ll support you right to the end of the process, as we know it’s important to maintain performance right up to the finish line. We’ll pack your finished products and safely deliver or distribute them, ready for unwrapping and arranging on the shelves.

Packing and delivering your new gel product

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Sports nutrition

We started out in sports nutrition and with all our experience, we’re becoming the go-to company for sports gels and liquids. We champion gels and liquids over powders as they offer a metered dose in a convenient format, easily stored in a kit bag or pocket until you need it.

Easily digestible carbohydrates, quick release electrolytes, energy gels or dairy-free protein, we can develop the right product for your dietary, nutritional and dosing requirements. Pre, post or intra workout, we’ve probably produced something similar, so can bring our expertise and knowledge to help you formulate your own bespoke product.


We’ve been involved in the rapidly growing ingestible beauty market since the early days. We develop a range of products for clients, covering beauty supplements, ingestible collagen, vitamins, proteins and oils. 

Efficacy, aesthetics and convenience are particularly important in this market and our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to fulfil your exacting requirements, whether your customers are looking for better skin, healthier hair or the elixir of youth.


From our sports nutrition origins, we soon discovered people were using the products in non-sporting situations to support a healthy lifestyle. We now produce meal supplements, dietary aids, protein shakes, energy shots, antioxidants, probiotics and vitamin boosts, all to sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle for everyone. 

Whether you want to create an ingestible to aid sleep, diet, mental clarity or offer health and wellbeing support, we’ve developed hundreds of products over the years. All of that experience is on offer for your project development.


Our innovative UK-based facility provides pharmaceutical grade production alongside our support services and specialism in developing quality gels and liquids. We can develop the right product for your dietary, nutritional, absorption, release and dosing requirements. And we’re proficient and confident in handling plant-based and sustainable ingredients, as well as catering for vegan, lacto-vegetarian, or allergy-restricted diets.

Where the magic happens.

Our UK-based, purpose-built, BRC grade A, manufacturing facility provides everything needed for the entire process – product development to packing and dispatch preparation. The exacting liquid processing equipment produces a variety of gels and liquids efficiently, hygienically and quickly.

  • The steam injection process makes for super quick and efficient preparation.
  • Our direct plate cooling technology keeps flavours fresh and ensures those key ingredients retain their potency.
  • And the UHT line can handle anything that requires the extra attention of sterilisation.
Developing your new gel product

High-quality packaging from 5ml-500ml

Need packaging? No problem. From stick packs to glass bottles and everything in between. We design and produce fit-for-purpose sachets and packaging which are as convenient and functional as they are eye-catching.

Tube Sachets

High quality seamless tear top tubes that are perfect for delivering liquid gels between 5-70ml. This ambient stable and low pH packaging is ideal for energy, pre workouts, vitamin and minerals or collagen products.

 The excellent ‘on the go’ convenience also delivers an accurate dose in a convenient and great looking sachet.

Examples of different tube sachets


The best way to deliver great tasting ambient stable protein drinks (dairy and vegan), protein jellies, fresh fruit drinks and  sauces between 80-500ml. We can hot fill the pouches so we can pack a broader range of ‘clean label’ products and these offer a great option for you to use as a refill option for reusable bottles.

 Our pouches can also be made to be fully recyclable so your products can be good for the planet as well as your customers. 

Examples of different tube sachets


For larger products between 30 – 500ml we can fill aluminium, glass or plastic bottles. Perfect for your liquid products that can contain collagen, amino acids or liposomes.

We have a wide range of different sizes and styles to choose from:

  • Dropper bottles
  • Shots
  • Refill bottles
  • Reusable aluminium bottles

Whatever you choose your product will look great and be simple and convenient for your customers use.

Three plastic bottles with different coloured fruit juice inside

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